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The study of the Science of Being and of our own Being is the most profound study offered on the planet at this time. Love has incarnated at different times to bring to humanity the great Truths about existence. This time, through knowledge aflame with Love, comes the knowledge of the Universal Laws that govern all existence, and the map of how to work in Harmony with those Eternal Laws so we can truly evolve into the Lightbearers we are meant to be. The work is in the mind, yet Love must lead the way. Through meditation, listening to the Silence Within and looking from ouRoanoker ‘Within,’ we begin to build a bridge of heightened awareness and sacred sensitivity between our Conscious Mind and our Higher Self. Then as we manifest from this higher state of mind and Spirit, come all the Beauties of Life as gifts for humanity; of Wisdom and Inspiration, Genius, Invention, and all the great Arts and Healing on many levels. We invite you to step upon the Path of your Destiny and become the Lightbearer you are meant to be! We honor your Path and your Expressions!

The Science of Being Lightbearers, Virginia Center offers ongoing classes in this deep Wisdom through inspired lecture, discussion, question-answer and regular meditations! We are happy to greet your questions with the greatest sincerity and enthusiasm!  All Lightbearers classes at the Virginia Center are taught by Margaret Sue Turner Wright and Barry Wright, Chief Lightbearers.  A donation is suggested per class. Classes meet from 7:30-9pm on Friday evenings. Classes change bi-monthly; for updates please see calendar on the Life Stream Center website.  Join us for the greatest quest in life, ‘To Know ThySelf and Thou shalt Know All.’ With great Love and Light held for each of you, we look forward to meeting you at one of our meetings or special events!  Campus Classes are held at the Lifestream Center, 2006 Windsor Ave SW, Roanoke, VA 24015-2302.


The Science of Being by Eugene Fersen, the original dictated & inspired text,
now called ’The 7 Lessons Book’ in full, Level 1

The Science of Being Fundamental Principles by Eugene Fersen,
now called ‘The 27 Lessons Book’ in full, Living in the Now, Level 2

Special ongoing Projects and Advanced level Classes
are offered to those who have completed Level 1 and 2.

For Books, Class Calendars and schedules
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Your Chief Lightbearers at your VA Lightbearers Center

MargaretSue and Barry
Barry CLB and MargaretSue CLB

Metaphysical teachers, Barry W. Wright CLB and Margaret Sue Turner Wright CLB, are Chief Lightbearers for the Science of Being Lightbearers Center in Roanoke, VA.  Barry and Margaret Sue have enjoyed studying together and teaching as a couple Metaphysics, Spirituality and the Science of Being Lightbearers. This deep commitment to know the Creator and understand his Creation was the original agreement and foundation of their mutual purposes and married Ideal as well as to enjoy each other on this journey thru Life.

Barry is a publisher, author, consultant, motivational speaker, community volunteer, musician, dream Interpreter and has been a student and seeker of Spiritual Knowledge for over 40 years.

Margaret Sue is an renown artist, author, Reiki Master, dream interpreter, musician and community volunteer.  Margaret Sue has also been a student and seeker of Spiritual Knowledge for over 40 years.


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